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Key Mobile Enhancements Released for Visage Ease

July 5, 2017

New capabilities include mobile video and encounters-based workflow

SAN DIEGO, CA, July 5, 2017 – Visage Imaging, Inc. (“Visage”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. (ASX: PME), has announced they have released Visage Ease® version 1.11.1* including mobile support for video and encounters-based workflow. Available now in the Apple App Store, Visage Ease is a native mobile solution of the Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, enabling enterprise imaging with amazingly fast, thin-client, server-side processing technology scaled to support the imaging needs of the world’s largest healthcare institutions.

Visage Ease (Version 1.11.1) includes the following functionality:

  • Video Upload and Playback. Visage Ease mobile users now have the ability to securely upload video captured on their iOS devices to the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform. Once uploaded, all authorized users have anywhere access to video, photos, diagnostic images and related clinical content. Video playback is supported on Visage Ease, as well as via the Visage 7 thin-client application for PC (Windows) and Mac (macOS).
  • Encounters-based Workflow for Uploading Video. Adding to Visage’s prior support for encounters-based workflow for photos, Visage Ease now supports encounters-based workflow for video. Visage Ease’s mobile barcode and Q/R code scanning capabilities enable a three-step (e.g., scan-photo/video-attach) rapid attachment of videos and photos to Visage 7, even if the patient does not have prior imaging studies.

Prior to attaching the video/photo content, the user has the ability to select a description from a picklist defined by the institution. These new capabilities are in addition to Visage Ease’s support for orders-based workflow for videos and photos. Additionally, Visage Ease users can scan patient barcodes, via wristband and/or other digital or paper patient documentation, to rapidly query for and conveniently display all of a patient’s imaging studies available on Visage 7.

“Encounters-based workflow has generated a great deal of discussion in enterprise imaging, but until now, few solutions have been commercially available,“ said Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Co-founder and Global CTO of Visage Imaging. Dr. Westerhoff continued, “Initially we released mobile upload for photos and now we’ve added video. Combined with Visage Ease’s barcode scanning of Q/R codes and the patient wristband, encounters-based workflow is supported even if the patient does not have prior imaging. Using Visage Ease, video, photos and images have never been more accessible all within a single enterprise imaging platform.”

In addition to images and clinical documentation, Visage Ease provides enterprise-wide accessibility to video and photos that meet the workflow and compliance needs of large organizations. For example, videos and photos do not remain on mobile devices which could cause privacy or data management concerns. Additionally, pre-configured and normalized descriptions, as well as association of the objects with patients, encounters and optionally orders, provide consistent and manageable data flow.


*Visage Ease is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis. For diagnostic mobile interpretation of all imaging studies (other than mammography), users may use Visage Ease Pro. Consistent with general FDA principles for mobile apps, mobile devices should only be used for diagnosis in situations where no full diagnostic workstation is available (and not for mammography).

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