Platform For The Future

– Powered By Speed.

Visage® 7 doesn’t just give confidence, it gives proof.

A future-proof platform that keeps you ahead.

Visage 7 Can

The difference is staggering.

Visage 7 provides differentiated value on a scope and scale that competing solutions cannot approach.

A proven provider of

global imaging solutions.

Passion meets performance

Results speak volumes. Imaging organizations of all sizes and missions have successfully implemented Visage 7 with proven ROI in numerous areas, including:


One Viewer to Rule them All

Speed. Scale. Power.
All in One Viewer™

Ultimate simplicity. Your One Viewer for all
images, for the entire enterprise.



Increased Efficiency

Reduce Burnout. Work Smarter
and Enjoy It.

Get in the zone. Read faster with precision
and gain up to 2 hours of productivity per day.



Ultrafast Access to All Images

Complete Patient Jacket
On-the-Fly with all Priors.

All priors, unlimited scale. If you’ve got one
prior, you’ve got all prior patient imaging.



Increased CT Utilization

Grow Your Business with Confidence.

Increase throughput. Change nothing, just
start reading thins. Ready, start, grow.



Faster Implementation

Go Modern, Go Live in
Almost No-Time.

Great go-live. Visage has the
technology and expertise to get you live, faster.

Distinctly next-level

Every line of code. 100% built by Visage.

Visage has refined the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform largely based on customer feedback delivering innovative solutions that help solve customer problems. We make the intangible, tangible by listening closely to customers and rapidly translating those needs into Visage 7. 




Visage 7 can spark your transformation.