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Visage on Apple Vision Pro

Introducing Visage Ease VP™ for Apple Vision Pro. Spatial, immersive navigation. Anywhere. Anytime.

Visage has created an entirely new paradigm for imaging based on the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro, a spatial computer that transforms how people work. With the native Visage Ease VP app for visionOS, immerse yourself in the wonder of imaging in virtual space unlike you’ve ever experienced. We started with the extensive clinical functionality of Visage Ease™, and innovated the addition of our cinematic rendering engine leveraging Apple Silicon to Vision Ease VP for stunning volume-rendered images in immersive space. Using your eyes, hands and voice, Visage Ease VP offers freedom of navigation. Only Visage could create an experience in imaging this unique, with ultrafast speed and clinical precision. The flexibility of virtual screens at more than 4K resolution per eye, with independence from environmental lighting restrictions, and the ability to interact seamlessly in your physical space is in a word… irresistibly Visage.

[Note: Visage Ease VP is not a medical device and must not be used for diagnosis.]

Video overview of Visage Ease VP, with examples of 2D and 3D Immersive Imaging Navigation.

Visage Ease VP Image Gallery

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Visage 7 on macOS

Use Visage 7 on Mac without compromise.

All of our technology is designed and developed by Visage Imaging.

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