Technical Brilliance

Visage® 7 is always a generation ahead. Never behind.

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Make It Fast. Make It Fast. Make It Fast.

Harness your imaging platform in ways never before possible.

Visage® 7 In The Cloud Has a Silver Lining

“Visage can, where others can’t. Visage can support your complete local, regional or national PACS needs in the cloud scaled to tens of millions of annual new imaging studies. Visage 7 in the cloud offers even faster speed as compared to customer supplied infrastructure implementations.”

- Brad Levin | General Manager, North America, Visage Imaging

Cloud-Engineered From The Word “Go”

Modern PACS that’s complete, quick and easy.

Always On

High-availability. Visage just works.

Visage Plays Nice In The Sandbox

Standards-based interoperability, setting the new standard.

All of our technology is designed and developed by Visage Imaging.

Need to know more?

We thought you might. Download our whitepaper, "Visage® 7 Platform For the Future - Powered by Speed" to gain more insight.

Get a detailed view of Visage 7's brilliance with a discussion how the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform keeps your imaging organization ahead in proven ways other solutions can't compare.

Visage 7 can spark your transformation.