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Visage® 7 is always a generation ahead. Never behind.

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Make It Fast. Make It Fast. Make It Fast.

Harness your imaging platform in ways never before possible.

Visage made me a more powerful radiologist

"With Visage I found this very nice and comfortable mix of performance, function, and reliability. Things that I found a pleasant surprise, like on-the-fly MIPs and MPRs, and volume rendering. I found a lot of things were easily and quickly accessible within a click or two. I think Visage made me a more powerful radiologist pretty quickly."

- Charles Q. Li, MD | Assistant Professor, Associate IT Officer

Remarkable Imaging Freedom. Uncommonly Visage.

One Viewer™ | Use Visage 7 on your favorite devices without compromise.

Always On

High-availability. Visage just works.

Visage Plays Nice In The Sandbox

Standards-based interoperability, setting the new standard.

All of our technology is designed and developed by Visage Imaging.

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We thought you might. Download our whitepaper, "Visage® 7 CloudPACS: Value Realization" to gain more insight.

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Visage 7 can spark your transformation.