Technical Brilliance

Visage® 7 is always a generation ahead. Never behind.

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Make It Fast. Make It Fast. Make It Fast.

Harness your imaging platform in ways never before possible.

I really love this system.

"It's incredible that we show the patinent's entire medical imaging jacket and the speed is amazing. I really love this system, and that it is all in one place, I can do all I need to do without going to different systems."

- Breast Imaging Radiologist, Visage 7 Customer

Cloud-Engineered From The Word “Go”

Modern PACS that’s complete, quick and easy.

Always On

High-availability. Visage just works.

Visage Plays Nice In The Sandbox

Standards-based interoperability, setting the new standard.

All of our technology is designed and developed by Visage Imaging.

Need to know more?

We thought you might. Download our whitepaper, "Visage® 7 Platform For the Future - Powered by Speed" to gain more insight.

Get a detailed view of Visage 7's brilliance with a discussion how the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform keeps your imaging organization ahead in proven ways other solutions can't compare.

Visage 7 can spark your transformation.