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Do you have a question about our products or services?

We get asked these a lot. Check below for answers to some of our general questions. We hope it helps bring some clarity.

How do you pronounce Visage (vis·age)?

Any way you’d like (haha)! In North America, most people will say /’vi-zij/. In Australia and Europe, many will say /’vi-saj/.

Why is Visage 7 so fast?

Visage does not rely on compress-and-send legacy PACS technology. The Visage 7 server-side architecture utilizes a patented, highly-efficient, proprietary protocol between the client and server for maximum performance even over low bandwidth, high latency network connections. All image display via the Visage 7 smart-client is on-demand, and the Visage 7 never stores data to the local disk.

Is Visage 7 a hosted solution?

Visage 7 may be implemented with a high-availability architecture either in the public cloud, or on-premise (private cloud). Either implementation yields the same ultrafast performance, robust clinical capabilities and massive scale.

Does Visage 7 require Citrix?

Some Visage 7 customers use various versions of Citrix for their non-diagnostic use cases; however, Citrix is not required nor recommended for use with Visage 7.

Are any third-party components required for use with Visage 7?

The Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform does not rely on any third-party components whatsoever. Every line of code, 100%, has been written by Visage Imaging.

Which browsers does Visage 7 support?

The Visage 7 smart-client is a completely self-contained app for both PC (Windows) and Mac (macOS), does not run in a browser and requires no third-party components whatsoever.

What core functionality is optional with the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform?

While all viewing, archive and workflow orchestration functionality is native to the Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, the archive (Visage 7 Open Archive) and workflow orchestration (Visage 7 Workflow) functionality is modular, and optional, based on an imaging organization’s existing investment and operational requirements for their go-forward architecture. The Visage AI Accelerator program is for likeminded institutions who have a forward-looking artificial intelligence strategy, and is invitation-only.

Does Visage use third-party contractors, consultants or subcontract any of the Visage 7 implementation?

Visage does not use third-party contractors or consultants and does not subcontract any of the Visage 7 implementation.

Our imaging organization use several third-party viewers. Can we use them with Visage 7?

Visage customers are able to eliminate multiple dedicated image viewers with the implementation of Visage 7. That said, there are some subspecialty imaging workflows that are not currently supported with Visage 7. Our robust interoperability capabilities enable tight desktop integration to dozens of third-party viewers and tools that are available conveniently from your Visage 7 diagnostic workstation.

Where is Visage 7 available today?

Visage 7 is available for sale in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. 

What should I do if I need support for Visage 7?

For healthcare professionals, please contact your local support team for first-call support. If they are unable to address your issue, they can send an email to support@visageimaging.com.

For patients, please contact your healthcare provider if you have questions about your images.

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