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Enterprise Imaging Rises with Visage at RSNA 2016

November 8, 2016

With one viewer, Visage 7 delivers what no other vendor can

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 8, 2016 – Visage Imaging Inc. (“Visage”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. (ASX: PME), has announced the demonstration of exciting new capabilities of the industry leading Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform at the upcoming Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2016 annual meeting (Booth #4365, McCormick Place-South Building, November 27 – December 1, Chicago, Illinois), as well as the global release of Visage 7.1.9.

Visage 7 has revolutionized Enterprise Imaging with its speed, power and unparalleled scalability uniquely combined in one viewer. Visage’s reputation for innovation is reflected by both the sustained commercial release frequency and continued demonstration of cutting-edge technology. At RSNA, Visage will provide a preview of capabilities projected for Visage 7.1.10, as well as highlight the latest release, Visage 7.1.9, demonstrating the following solutions:

  • One Viewer for All Medical Imaging. Visage 7 offers comprehensive support with one viewer across the range of medical imaging disciplines including Radiology, Cardiology, and Breast Imaging, as well as medical multimedia objects (non-DICOM). No other vendor offers a single viewer designed for enterprise wide diagnostic use, clinical distribution, EHR integration, and other specialty workflows. One viewer enables enterprise cohesion, productivity gains, consistency of interpretation and collaboration, as well as inherent efficiencies that lead to organizational savings and quality improvements.
  • In-Viewer Workflow. Visage 7 has been highly optimized for both diagnostic interpretation and clinical review. Utilizing sophisticated matching algorithms and intelligent layouts, Visage 7 automatically displays any combination of current/prior studies, regardless of size or modality, using Auto Prior rules and native thin-client advanced visualization tools. This does away with unnecessary clicks, drag and drop, and switching between tools, thereby significantly streamlining interpretation workflow for radiologists. These differentiated Visage 7 capabilities are described as In-Viewer Workflow, and allow interpretation of more cases, in less time, with the utmost quality.
  • Comprehensive Breast Imaging. Visage 7 is already recognized as a robust replacement for expensive dedicated mammography workstations, and that value proposition will be impressively reinforced at RSNA 2016. Visage 7 will be demonstrated with additional hanging protocol refinements, as well as extensive mammography keypad support, supporting Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, Digital Mammography, Breast MR, Breast US and Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound, as well as display of all other common modalities and medical multimedia objects—all using one viewer.
  • Barcodes Unify Imaging. Visage Ease® mobile barcode and Q/R code scanning capabilities have been further enhanced, enabling the rapid attachment of photos (e.g., scan-photo-attach) to Visage 7, even if the patient does not have prior imaging studies. Earlier in June 2016, Visage released mobile barcode and Q/R code scanning of wristband or other digital or paper patient documentation, to query for and conveniently display all of a patient’s imaging studies via a rapid 3-step process (e.g., scan-click-view). Using a simple, convenient workflow, these mobile capabilities help to unify imaging with ordering physicians, wherever they need access to images, as well as wherever images are required to further document and enhance patient care.

“The era of dedicated mammography workstations has passed, uniquely made possible by Visage’s one viewer philosophy,“ said Brad Levin, General Manager, North America, Visage Imaging. “Furthermore at RSNA, we’re bringing all physicians closer, unified by imaging. Mobile photos taken at the point of care are one-click away and embedded in the EHR, available anywhere with all enterprise images, to enhance quality of care and patient consultation.”

Visage 7.1.9, globally available since August 2016, includes many usability improvements, aortic vessel tracing and linked browsing of prior mammography studies across different views, with extra and missing views optimally handled. Visage 7.1.9 has quickly been put into production use by more than 50% of the Visage 7 install base, and is a testament to Visage’s keen ability get the latest product capabilities rapidly into the hands of users.

In the spirit of Visage’s leadership in interoperability and Deconstructed PACS®, Visage is pleased to announce that Visage 7 will be an integrated solution at these five prominent vendor booths at RSNA 2016*:

  • Barco (Booth #3307, South Building). Visage 7 will be demonstrated throughout the Barco booth, including the color 12MP Barco Coronis Uniti display, providing the optimal unified interpretation experience.
  • Clario (Booth #1403, South Building). Bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and the Clario Enterprise Worklist will be demonstrated.
  • Medicalis (Booth #3349, South Building). Complete bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and the Medicalis Imaging Workflow Solution will be demonstrated to provide radiologists a universal workflow to drive their Imaging Service Line.
  • Nuance (Booth #2700, South Building). Bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and Nuance PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting, as well as Nuance PowerScribe® 360 | MONTAGE Search and Analytics will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from the PowerScribe 360 enterprise worklist Workflow Orchestrator. Visage 7 integration to Nuance PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting also supports multimedia reporting, enabling relevant PACS images to be embedded into reports. Launching of Visage 7 will also occur from MONTAGE search results via MONTAGE PACS Launch, as well as natively in context from Visage 7.
  • Primordial (Booth #8333, North Building). Bi-directional integration between Visage 7 and Primordial workflow orchestration will be demonstrated. Launching of Visage 7 will occur from the Primordial worklist.

*Note: The aforementioned integrated solutions will also be demonstrable in Visage Imaging booth #4365, South Building.


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