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Visage 7.1.10 Now Available

February 16, 2017

Visage’s proven innovation continues for the world’s largest enterprise imaging initiatives

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 16, 2017 – Visage Imaging Inc. (“Visage”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd. (ASX: PME), has announced the global release of Visage 7.1.10. The Visage® 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform enables enterprise imaging with amazingly fast, thin-client, server-side processing technology, as well as simple diagnostic mobile access via Visage Ease Pro®.

  • Visage 7.1.10 was previewed to widespread acclaim at RSNA 2016 (November 2016) and released to Visage customers worldwide the first week of January 2017. While RSNA is often referred to as “real software not available”, Visage has delivered (the exact opposite) for Visage customers worldwide.
  • Many of the Visage software enhancements are customer-driven, reflecting the needs of the world’s largest, most sophisticated imaging organizations.
  • In the last 12 months, Visage has delivered 3 major releases, as well as 7 sub-releases, comprising hundreds of new enhancements and fixes.

In just the last 4 years, Visage has spearheaded unprecedented imaging transformation at 15 massive organizations, replacing 40+ islands of legacy PACS, spanning 200+ locations, and comprising more than 14 million new imaging studies. Visage’s proven experience implementing One Viewer for all medical imaging, uniquely enables healthcare institutions to leverage their existing imaging IT investments, creating a highly scalable foundation for future growth.

Visage’s latest major release, Visage 7.1.10, includes dozens of enhancements, new capabilities and fixes, including the following:

  • Reporting Results Workflow. Optimized for high-volume integrated diagnostic reading environments, the management of reading results (measurements, annotations, key views, secondary captures) has been made even more efficient and configurable. Using an intuitive graphical user interface, Visage 7 provides the reading radiologist with the ultimate control to specify which reading results should be persisted at the end of an interpretation session. Irrespective of the integration capabilities of the calling system, Visage 7 ensures the reading radiologist has the final say on exactly which results are to be saved, either automatically or after final review.
  • Registration Workflow. Easy and intuitive comparison with prior studies is a key element of the daily reporting routine. As a multi-dimensional (3D) enterprise viewer, Visage 7 supports full volume-based comparison, registration and fusion. Visage 7.1.10 makes these workflows even easier and faster. Adjustment of manual and automatic registrations is now just as easy as normal slice browsing, and support of DICOM registration objects enables numerous intra- and inter-system workflows, reinforcing Visage’s commitment to interoperability and open standards.
  • Link Scrolling. Existing translation linking groups are used to automatically link series in the same orientation, eliminating mouse-clicks and allowing the radiologist to read even faster than before.
  • Lesion Tracking. More than a dozen new enhancements for lesion tracking are available, including new response evaluation for mRECIST, evaluation criteria consistency checks, drag ‘n’ drop reordering of lesion groups, information on NADIR and editing history, and improved lung and liver segmentation.
  • Enhanced CD/DVD Import Workflow. While many institutions have worked to minimize and/or eliminate the use of CDs/DVDs, the reality is most institutions struggle with the daily management of importing outside media. Visage 7.1.10 automates the detection of DICOM data once it has been inserted into the client computer, generates a dedicated menu for triggering import, as well as includes the option for configurable, automatic matching of the DICOM contents to existing patients or orders. All of these enhancements are meant to speed the import of outside CDs/DVDs, improve import quality by reducing the possibility of human error, as well as minimize mouse-clicks.

“Our latest release reflects our steadfast commitment to continuously improve Visage 7,“ said Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Co-founder and Global CTO of Visage Imaging. “While some vendors struggle to get nascent generations of PACS out of the vaporware realm of early demonstrations and aggressive marketing, Visage’s intense focus is rapidly releasing customer-driven enhancements for the industry’s most mature, most proven enterprise imaging platform available.”

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